Ep008 Customer Service Success


Shep Hyken is a globally renowned Customer Service expert. His work has been published in many of the big name magazines and he puts out a stack of content every week, as well as authoring New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers.

After starting his career as a Magician, he worked his way into the customer service arena. He bases so much of his work on the simple secrets he started out using as a street magician when he was a kid.

We talked about success as it relates to customer service. Some of the things we covered were:

  • Customer defines success of the company. Company can only hope to deliver on their promises
  • Giving high value service in a low cost venue
  • Friendly service counts
  • The barriers to giving great service
  • Impact of leadership on service
  • The importance of recruitment and training on service
  • How internal customer service affects external customer service
  • Why ‘Moments of Truth’ count
  • Are millennials better or worse at customer service?
  • Why standards count
  • Why loyalty counts
  • Why fighting over airlines seats can be embarrassing
  • Value of giving feedback when things don’t work properly
  • How important is non-work activities to success

Find out more about Shep by visiting his website and seeing him in action.

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