What do you need to truly SUCCEED?


There is a lot of conversation and discussion about success out there. But what is it and how do you get it?

That is what this show is all about.

We speak with people from a multiple of industries, geographies, demographies and some with bibliographies! It’s all to give you a different perspective on what success is, how these people have achieved it and what are some of the short cuts that you could take advantage of.

The whole focus of the show is to give you ideas that you can put into action straight away. We want you to have the success you have always dreamed of or to dream of a bigger success and work out how to get there.


By the way, this is the Get More Success Show and not just the Get More Success Podcast (even though it is sometimes referred to that way). The reason is that sometimes we are audio only, sometime video and sometimes there are additional resources for you to take advantage of. Something a mere Podcast could not contain!

Your host of the Get More Success show is Warwick Merry. He is a Master MC, Success Speaker and Exhibiting Expert. He has a laid back, conversational style but is not scared of asking some heavy hitting questions if required. His style makes the show very engaging, fun and easy to listen too.

While we are thrilled with the range of guests we have been able to get so far, please let us know if there is a topic or personal you would like to hear about or from. Simply send us an email or put a comment on our Facebook group and we will be sure to get back to you.

Again, our focus is your success, if Warwick or the team can do anything to help you be more successful, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

PS You may notice a regular Blab session turn up with the title Get More Speaker Success. Warwick is part of the leadership team of Professional Speakers Australia. The professional association for speakers here. As part of his commitment to building the speaking community her runs that session monthly. As some of the discussions are relevant to non-speakers as well and they also have some excellent tips on success, we thought it would be worthwhile putting it here as well.