Laughter is a serious business

marty willson

Welcome to the Get More Success Show Podcast – we are pleased to have you with us.

Our guest today is a TED speaker, a top stand-up comic in Australia and the UK, an author and a registered pharmacist.  He is Marty Wilson.

Marty certainly is no stranger to interviews.  He has recorded over 1,000 interviews – with an exceptionally wide range of people and circumstances – as research material for his books.

To be able to look back on life with a heart-felt smile, rather than regret, is the measure of success for Marty.  His pride in his many achievements comes through in the stories that he shares with us.

It was a series of changes in his professional life that has led Marty to become such a recognised leading speaker and host.   Using methods such as tapping to different skill sets, searching for tips and techniques and, importantly, accepting that creativity is a process of trials and errors, has helped him gain success along the way.  What Marty does best are the things he enjoys most … and these have brought him the rewards he has worked so diligently for.

There are a lot of greattake-aways in this chat with Marty – not the least of which are the values of learning to mediate, follow our own course and to “pound” our marketing.

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