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Welcome to another fabulous session of The Get More Success Show.   Today we have something a little different to our usual business discussions.   We are talking with someone who has been very successful in the highly restrained medical event industry, Kylie Clarke.

Adding to her success list of prosperity, health, happiness and work and life contentment is Kylie’s passion to become a Food and Nutrition coach. Developing and incorporating this skill into her current role is something she is keen to achieve.

Kylie began work as the company’s receptionist and is now the manager of conferences and events for RANZCR (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists).   As well as a National Conference in October of each year there are nearly 20 other smaller conferences and workshops held.   By its very professional nature, and with a high number of international delegates, RANZCR events require special planning of the social events, golf days and fun activities compared with those of other conferences. Balancing sponsorship and scientific content can be an interesting challenge too.

Gamification is now playing a growing role in RANZCR events. Using an App to provide information, material, live polling etc, this keeps attendees engaged and across all of the options open to them. So too is research into well-polished speakers and products that can be of benefit to delegates.

That things will go wrong, that managing your own expectations and stress level is vital – and that the show will go on – are some of life’s lessons Kylie has learned. She is always happy to share her knowledge and experience (you can contact her at events@ranzcr.com.au) and, like so many of The Get More Success Show’s guests, she encourages everyone to celebrate their achievements.

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