Email overload solutions


Thank you for joining us for another episode of The Get More Success Show.

We have a special guest today who I have known for quite some time.  Steuart Snooks is an expert in getting our Inboxes organised … we are talking about Taming the Inbox Tiger.

When asked about his thoughts on the meaning of success to him, Steuart subscribed to the theory of ‘journey not destination’.  He believes that being in control of what you can control, going around the edges of what you cant and being at peace in the now are the keys to his success.

Steuart’s time working as a Day Time Diary consultant has led to him becoming a specialist in email time management issues in the broader context of work-place productivity.  Steuart has some fabulous suggestions for managing and “moving on” our messages.

He works to a “When, What and Where” principle that involves making a decision on the required action to become efficient and disciplined in the processing of our electronic communications.  

Some simple tips like turning off alerts, using a single storage folder, relying on Search to track messages and the use of apps like TimyoLeanMail, Boomerang and Braintoss all have a part in Steuart’s game plan.

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