Break the mould – be different

julie ann

We are pleased that you have joined us for today’s Get More Success Show. Our international guest, Julie Ann Sullivan, is proud of her “revolutionary” professional speaking tag and is going to share her views on enhancing our attitude.

The time when plans and achievements have lined up, when she has the flexibility to notice what is going on in her life and make changes, these are the moments of success for Julie Ann.

We are speaking with Julie Ann today to share in her thoughts on the big corporates disconnect between leadership and the workforce. Julie Ann says that the optimum balance of importance is for everyone to be able to prove that they are the best they can be. 

Always being one to encourage others to break the mould and be different – to try something new – Julie Ann wants to set up a Master Mind Group for herself with like-minded people who take on accountability for their open-mindedness.

Julie Ann is happiest when she is working with ideas and shifting people’s attitudes. She has a mantra for maintaining her own positive attitude based on focusing on what is achievable and not trying to do everything.   Her new book, entitled “A little bit of GRATITUDE goes a long way”, contains some excellent tips on creating a culture of engagement.

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