Accelerating Innovation …


Today we are talking with the Head Honcho of an Innovation Centre who has some great ideas and examples of how to get more Success.

We have tried to keep the background noise to a minimum and apologise for the occasional transgressions that life in a bustling complex can bring.

We have with us the CEO and Chief Mentor of the Eastern Innovation Business Centre – Danielle Storey.

By way of background, the EIBC is a cutting-edge professional business space in Mulgrave, Victoria. It’s a brand new facility that features a number of zones that facilitate accelerating the development of pioneer businesses by providing affordable space and meeting rooms as well as auxiliary services to support them.

The principle of Danielle’s idea of Success applies as much to a business opinion as it does to a personal one … Success is a journey towards perfection.   For Danielle, there is no end game, merely a series of points of achievement of goals or plans.

People value different things. Money, for example, is often not used as a marker for Success – but Danielle challenges us to recognise that this ideal can be an important one and to accept that it really is OK to let honesty rule our core values. We need to create our own values and look for opportunities to align with them.

You will enjoy hearing about the benefits of co-working spaces, the diversity of people, cultures, values and the common vision of the community members as they pursue, with excitement, their individual successes.

As with many skilled communicators, social media offers a variety of platforms from which we can follow Danielle’s personal journey and learn more about her business know-how.

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