Ep009 Putting the Art into Artisan


Andre Elhay is a multi-talented artisan. Whether it is photography, videography, saxophone or parenting, he is continually adding to his artisan ways.

On this episode we caught up and chatted about what it takes to be a successful artist.

You can see some of his images on his website Elhay.co

Points we talked about:

  • Taking promo photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The importance of good gear and good backup gear
  • Success as a Jazz musician
  • Importance of marketing skill for creatives
  • What to consider when coming up with your rate/fee
  • The importance of desire and drive as a creative
  • How self belief is the foundation of success
  • How your network is more important than your pricing
  • What makes a good photo shoot
  • Working with celebrities
  • How the birth of his child spawned his photography career
  • Andre’s daughter Allegra in Star Wars (sort of)
  • The importance of play to learn and get new work
  • Film vs Digital
  • The growth of video

To get in touch with Andre and find out more about what he does, simply complete his contact form.

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