Impostor Syndrome

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud?
Are all of your successes more because of timing or a “fluke”?
Are you waiting for someone to discover you really aren’t good at what you do?

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Well you may suffer from impostor syndrome.

It doesn’t have to sit with you all day, every day. It can be sporadic, coming and going as it seems.
I was fortunate enough to host the awarding winning radio program, Taking Care of Business and have on my panel:

In a step away from the usual Get More Success Show, this episode is the recording about Impostor Syndrome and how to overcome it.

We talked all aspects of Impostor Syndrome, including:

  • What impostor syndrome is.
  • Impostor syndrome triggers.
  • The difference between feeling like an impostor and being a fraud.
  • Strategies for overcoming impostor syndrome.
  • The Dunning–Kruger effect.
  • Our pearls of wisdom about dealing with Impostor Syndrome based on our varying experiences.
  • The Impostor Syndrome loop.
  • The role that your language and your thoughts can play in feeding (or starving) the impostor syndrome beast.
  • Tips for changing your neuroplasticity to help you overcome impostor syndrome.

Have a listen and see if you have Impostor Syndrome and how to manage it.

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