BLAB 005 Feel the Event Love

It’s Valentines day (or at least it was a few days ago) so what better way to share the love than having a chat about it.

In particular, Love when it comes to events. As an event organiser or as a speaker there are always a load of people to say thank you to. But how do you do it in a way that is appreciated, received well and truly conveys the message you are after.

A recent article for BizBash showed how some speakers like to have appreciation shown. Another on LinkedIn Pulse talked about how to make Bureaus want you (part of it is by showing your appreciation)

On the Blab we hear from Event Organisers, Speakers and Event hosts some of the different ideas, reasons and results from saying Thank You and how to feel the event love.

Enjoy the Blab replay on either video or audio.


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