What is an Accounting Thought Leader?

Clayton Oates

Having a progressive realization of a dream – knowing what you want and working to achieve goals – is Clayton Oates’ snapshot definition of Success.

Clayton’s zeal for helping people ‘buy back time’ in their working life comes from his genuine interest in people.  He has always been curious – wanting to learn – and shares with us the methods he has employed to assist other people to succeed, too.

We hear how ‘reward for achievement’ celebrations have become a key factor in the emotive side of business triumphs and how being of service to others brings perspective to all that we do.

Clayton has been included in the Top 25 Thought Leaders in the Accounting Profession by the USA-based CPA Practice Advisory, the first inclusion by an Aussie on this list. 

As well as running QA Business System Specialists, Clayton has become a popular presenter on the international speaking circuit and he reflects on how his business has evolved from being a partner in a small country town firm to becoming a company that operates in the niche market of creative accounting consultation.

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