Success in Service


In this episode, Cheryl Jones from Simply the Best Results, based in San Antonio Texas, talks with us about success in customer service. She has worked with small and medium sized business and one of her highlights was working with the NBA San Antonio Spurs.

Naturally I was interested in what shifted an organisation from ordinary service to give great service. Cheryl shares some easy to implement ideas that you can put into your business.

Speaking notes:

  • The importance of training
  • Cost of staff turnover on your business
  • Trying to shift the service from an individual to an organisational culture
  • Value of service is significantly impacted by the connection and relationship you create
  • EVERYONE is part of the team regardless of whether they are customer facing or not
  • The importance of creating a long term relationship and continuing to contribute to the customer
  • Why you shouldn’t email the person sitting next to you
  • How to break down silo walls
  • The impact of values on customer service
  • Why managers need to pay more attention to giving great service to clients and to their team
  • Key elements of successful communication in an organisation
  • The value of authenticity in delivering great service
  • The power of uncomfortable conversations
  • Top three issues business need to address to be Simply the Best

To get in touch with Cheryl, contact her via her Simply the Best Results website.

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