Ep009 Putting the Art into Artisan


Andre Elhay is a multi-talented artisan. Whether it is photography, videography, saxophone or parenting, he is continually adding to his artisan ways.

On this episode we caught up and chatted about what it takes to be a successful artist.



Ep008 Customer Service Success


Shep Hyken is a globally renowned Customer Service expert. His work has been published in many of the big name magazines and he puts out a stack of content every week, as well as authoring New York Times and Wall


Ep007 Humour is Serious


Meet Troy-n-Zara!

They are the directors, creators and founders of Humour Australia. On this episode we talk with them about the serious business of being funny!

Troy and Zara have a background in breakfast radio, a present in creation


BLAB 007 Travel Tips

We gathered some international, domestic and even ‘just up the road’ travellers for our Blab on Speakers Travelling.

Some fantastic tips, ideas and emergency tricks, for both social and professional travel, were revealed.

Do you have any travel tips that


Ep006 Do Talk to Strangers



Kerrie Phipps loves to talk to strangers. She has built a career on it. Starting out as a dental nurse, she has moved through many careers paths to arrive as a Leadership Coach.

What makes her journey interesting is


Ep005 Ricky Richards & MIA


Today’s show is a conversation with Ron Gottlieb, the Managing Director of Ricky Richards.

Ricky Richards are one of Australia’s top wholesalers of speciality textiles and industrial fabrics.  This year, to better support their customers and their community, they


Ep004 – Human Powered Adventure


Axe Rawlinson is not your average person.

He loves high powered, human powered adventures. Starting as an international rugby player, transitioning into mountain climber and now human powered adventurer.

In this show, hear how Axe creates, prepares for and activates


Ep003 Fabulous Fonts


Consider many adverts, posters and billboards you have seen over the years.

Without noticing you will have been exposed to many different fonts. But who makes fonts? How can you be a successful font designer and what is success in


BLAB 005 Feel the Event Love

It’s Valentines day (or at least it was a few days ago) so what better way to share the love than having a chat about it.

In particular, Love when it comes to events. As an event organiser or as