Creativity and Business with Zerafina

Zerafina Zara successful business creative

There are many business lessons to be learned from the “creative” industries. One person who works in both the creative and business and shares these lessons is Zerafina Zara. We chatted about some of her experience in both worlds and the secrets to success in both of them.

Show notes:

  • Live on purpose and not by default
  • The importance of connection and authentic communication
  • Lessons from being a musician touring Asia
  • The importance of getting outside your comfort zone and “sucking the marrow out of life”
  • The joy of being played on radio JJJ
  • Creating opportunities for yourself where none existed
  • The success of delight of doing the work, rehearsing and getting ready for the big event
  • How to be a “natural” at something by doing the hard work
  • The importance of working and performing with other masters
  • The quality of your work is not as important as the quality of your marketing
  • Who defines your success is as important as the success itself
  • The importance of connection over simply the performance
  • Tips on how you can better create a connection with others
  • Why projecting “warmth” will make you a better leader
  • Research on the impact of using devices on your leadership style
  • The importance of being a beginner at something
  • Being willing to “have no shame”
  • Why you shouldn’t go to a dance class hungover

You can get in touch with Zerafina on her website and listen to some of her music and discover more of her creative products here.

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