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Creativity and Business with Zerafina

Zerafina Zara successful business creative

There are many business lessons to be learned from the “creative” industries. One person who works in both the creative and business and shares these lessons is Zerafina Zara. We chatted about some of her experience in both worlds and




Jon Yeo has been a driving force behind TEDxMelbourne for the last seven years.

Have a listen to his story on how he has grown it from a mailing list of 50 people to events of 1,300 people that sells


How to Give a Great Introduction


Too often introductions can end up putting the audience to sleep. It is almost like the speaker gave the host their resume and the host thinks they need to read the entire thing!

If you are a speaker, update your


Ep010 The Ultimate Natasa Denman


Meet the multi-faceted and multi-talented Natasa Denman. She has built several businesses over the last few years as well as raising a family and bringing her husband into the business.  None of this has been easy to do on their


BLAB 008 The Future of Events

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.21.30 PM

IMG:Screenshot from the PCMA Marriott video

What does the future hold for events?

What is important for you depends on whether you are a PCO, Venue, Speaker or Industry supplier. One thing is clear, technology will play a leading role.


Ep009 Putting the Art into Artisan


Andre Elhay is a multi-talented artisan. Whether it is photography, videography, saxophone or parenting, he is continually adding to his artisan ways.

On this episode we caught up and chatted about what it takes to be a successful artist.



Ep008 Customer Service Success


Shep Hyken is a globally renowned Customer Service expert. His work has been published in many of the big name magazines and he puts out a stack of content every week, as well as authoring New York Times and Wall


Ep007 Humour is Serious


Meet Troy-n-Zara!

They are the directors, creators and founders of Humour Australia. On this episode we talk with them about the serious business of being funny!

Troy and Zara have a background in breakfast radio, a present in creation


BLAB 007 Travel Tips

We gathered some international, domestic and even ‘just up the road’ travellers for our Blab on Speakers Travelling.

Some fantastic tips, ideas and emergency tricks, for both social and professional travel, were revealed.

Do you have any travel tips that