Cashflow is King!

rppfm cashflow

In this episode, Warwick joins Uwe Jacobs from Property Friends, Shannon Smit from Smart Business Solutions and Jacki Mitchell from BrandStorm Marketing as we discuss Cashflow for business.

Some of the concepts we cover include:

  • Importance of knowing the numbers (even if you hate doing it)
  • Focussing on what is important in business and outsource the rest
  • Value of a Mentor in doing business
  • Impact of regulations on small business
  • What information the Tax Office actually uses from the BAS
  • Costing your products and services
  • How much does it cost you to open your doors each day?
  • When looking to borrow money for your business, Uwe has a Three Sheet of toilet paper rule.
  • How much you want to pay yourself and what your hourly rate is
  • How can you achieve more by doing less
  • Cashflow is different to Profit and Loss and has to be managed differently
  • How you Value your time and your work
  • Revenue is Vanity and Profit is Sanity

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