Ep004 – Human Powered Adventure


Axe Rawlinson is not your average person.

He loves high powered, human powered adventures. Starting as an international rugby player, transitioning into mountain climber and now human powered adventurer.

In this show, hear how Axe creates, prepares for and activates these seemingly crazy adventures.

Here are some of the comments from the show, some of the achievements he has accomplished and some resources he has for you:

  • His next project is going from Home to Home. Adventuring from Singapore to NZ. Rowing from Singapore to Darwin, riding his bike from Darwin to Sydney and then rowing from Sydney to New Zealand – over 12,000 kms in total
  • His definition of a Great Adventure is where he: Doesn’t go broke,  doesn’t get divorced, and doesn’t kill himself
  • Axe has climbed and adventured on 6 continents (the 7th is in the planning stage)
  • The key to safety is to push yourself but always work within your capabilities
  • The two biggest challenges have been: climbing Mt Cook – this took 7 years of preparation and effort to achieve – and climbing Mt Everest which took 12 years of project time to complete (including two attempts and getting pulmonry edema
  • Axe says, “I climb mountains because I want to live, not because I want to die. It is important to mitigate risk, but always ensure the reward is big enough to make the risk worthwhile”
  • Mountaineering has been kinder to his body than rugby (except when he and his climbing partner fell off a mountain 4 years ago – and the pulmonry edema)
  • Impact of having kids on mountain climbing
  • Focus shift to human powered journeys
  • Raising a $250,000 budget for an adventure
  • The power of momentum and doing something daily
  • Unsupported expedition to increase commitment
  • Looking at the next Human Powered journey – the focus on the current journey and dreaming about the next one(s)
  • Visit www.axeoneverest.com to discover more about his adventures, see his past adventures and track the current ones in real time
  • The key thing that is more important than Axe’s adventures is to be sure to take time to create your own adventure

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